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About Source Code Review

What Is Source Code Review:

A secure code review is a specialized procedure that entails manually and/or automatically examining the source code of an application to find weaknesses in the design, discover unsafe coding techniques, find backdoors, injection flaws, cross-site scripting problems, weak cryptography, etc.   A secure code review is a line-by-line analysis of the source code of an application, usually performed to find any security risks overlooked during the pre or post-development phase. A secure code review aims to analyzed an application’s source codeand determine whether it has any security vulnerabilities or flaws.

The Focus of a Secure Code Review:


Source Code Review (SCR), also known as static application security testing (SAST), is a critical component of cybersecurity. It involves examining the source code of software applications to identify security vulnerabilities and coding errors that could lead to potential security breaches. Various methodologies are used in SCR for cybersecurity


 In this method a variety of open source/commercial tools for the secure code review. The majority of the time, developers utilize them while they are developing, however security analysts may also use them.


This method involves performing a full code review on the entire code, which may be a highly time-consuming and difficult task. But throughout this procedure, logical errors such as business logic issues could be found that are impossible to find with automated techniques.

Benefits For Source Code Review

Source Code Review (SCR) is a critical cybersecurity practice that helps identify vulnerabilities, coding errors,
and security weaknesses early in software development.
SCR ensures compliance, protects data, reduces security risks, and fosters a culture of security awareness while enhancing overall software quality.

Easy Bug Detection

In depth Code Analysis

Extensive Review Techniques

Spotting insecure coding practices

Suggest solutions and recommendation

Fulfiling the compliance standard

Our Approach

Our Approach

At our company, we adopt a multi-faceted approach to SCR. We combine manual and automated reviews to provide in-depth analysis while leveraging the efficiency of automated tools. Our experienced team follows established coding standards and industry best practices to detect vulnerabilities, assess data flow, and conduct contextual analysis. We prioritize early issue resolution and adherence to compliance regulations, ensuring the highest level of security for our clients' software applications.

To offer the review team an understanding of how the programme is supposed to operate, a look at the real operating application is absolutely necessary. The review team can begin going with a quick rundown of the database's structure and any libraries that are being used.

Carrying out a threat analysis to comprehend the architecture of the application. These threats need to be prioritized among the vulnerabilities during the code review. The organization's essential applications must be identified, and a threat assessment must be done for that group of applications.

Code review is carried out during automation using a variety of paid/free technologies. Automated technologies are frequently used to analyze huge code bases with millions of lines of code, speeding up the code review process. They are capable of locating all the unsafe code packets in the database, which the developer or any security expert can then examine.

In order to verify access control, encryption, data protection, logging, and back-end system connections and usage, manual code review is the only method available. A manual inspection is crucial for tracking an application's attack surface and figuring out how data moves through an application from sources to sinks. Although going line by line through the code is expensive, it improves code readability and also aids in reducing false positives.

Following the completion of the automated and manual reviews, we thoroughly verify any risks that may have been identified as well as any potential remedies for any known codebase vulnerabilities.

After completing all of the aforementioned stages, we compile all of our findings into a report that is easy to read. Every bug is tested in the code along with the patching solutions. Secure coding and secure code reviews should be used in conjunction to harden the development team's code. The client's development team and the Best Source Code Vulnerability Testing Company in Pune, Cybervault's security team discuss the problems and suggestions, and the development team fixes them as a result.








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