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About Network Penetration Testing

Organizations must protect their networks and applications from cyberattacks and hacking threats. Individual firms can achieve this by implementing network security rules and performing an in-depth network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is one of the important network security controls/practices.

Vulnerability analysis, also known as vulnerability assessment penetration testing (vapt), is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security holes (vulnerabilities) in a computer, network, or communications infrastructure. In addition, vulnerability analysis can forecast the effectiveness of proposed countermeasures and evaluate their actual effectiveness after they are put into use.

Best VAPT Services in Pune - Network Penetration Testing

Descriptive Reports

Proof of a pentest is a great way to build trust with your clients. It helps you win more B2B contracts and meet regulatory compliance requirements. Our security professionals find critical vulnerabilities and show how they can be exploited in real-world attacks. We provide clear and actionable executive summaries to share with leadership.

Web-Based Notifications

We don’t just give you a report to meet compliance and walk away. We provide a web-based portal and API to communicate manually discovered vulnerabilities to specific asset managers at your organization in near-real-time so that you can react faster and achieve faster time-to-find and time-to-fix remediation metrics.

Deep Manual Penetration Testing

Our Deep Manual Penetration Testing, based on industry standards including OWASP and NIST 800-115, ensures thorough examination of vulnerabilities. Our expert ethical hackers, certified with credentials such as OSCP, CISSP, and CEH, bring several years of experience and local expertise to our Best VAPT Services in Pune.

A Turnkey Solution For Threat Detection

Turnkey Threat Detection Solution: Our comprehensive, ready-to-use package offers seamless,
efficient, and proactive threat detection for robust cybersecurity.

Rapid Deployment

Implement our turnkey solution quickly without the need for extensive setup or integration, ensuring immediate protection against threats.

Expert Monitoring

24/7 monitoring by experienced cybersecurity professionals who proactively identify and respond to threats, safeguarding your organization's assets.

Holistic Detection

Our solution covers a wide range of threats, from malware and phishing to advanced persistent threats (APTs), providing all-encompassing security.

Why choose Cybervault?

Cybervault, recognized as the Best IT Security Company in Pune, provides comprehensive IT Security and Penetration Testing services tailored to clients' needs. We evaluate your organization's requirements and implement customized pen testing solutions aligned with your goals and objectives.

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Benefits For Network Penetration Testing

Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT):
Our VAPT services offer invaluable advantages in enhancing your organization’s cybersecurity posture.

Identify Vulnerabilities

VAPT pinpoints weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, applications, and networks, allowing you to address them before malicious actors exploit them.

Compliance Assurance

VAPT helps you meet regulatory and compliance requirements, ensuring your organization adheres to industry-specific security standards and regulations.


Identifying and resolving vulnerabilities early is more cost-effective than dealing with the aftermath of a security breach. VAPT reduces potential financial losses.

Tools used for Network Pentesting

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Compliance Audit

Certification & Accrediation

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